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Other, Coal, tillite, siltstone, mudstone. Location. Country, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique. The Lower Karoo Group is a sequence of late Carboniferous and Permian sandstoneThese are overlain in the Mid-Zambezi by the Wankie sandstones and coal and the Madumabaisa Mudstone Formation.

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the lower karoo coal kof the mid sedimentary formations: Upper CarboniferousLower Jurassic igneous formations: partiallyGEOLOGY OF THE MAIN MOZAMBICAN COAL (KAROO) BASINS. Geology of coalunconformably overlain by Middle Jurassic or younger strata.

The Karoo basins of south-central AfricaUniversity of…

The formation of Karoo coal-bearing) in Middle to Late Permian deposits of the coastaldepositional break existed between the Lower and the Mid-.

WC//Review of lower Karoo coal basins and…

lithostratigraphic correlations of Lower Karoo coal-bearing sequences in parts of . In Zimbabwe the available data indicate the Mid-Zambezi Basin and the

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the Late Carboniferous to Middle Jurassic aged, Karoo. Supergroup andPermian (Karoo aged) coal deposits of South Africa, Swaziland,. Botswana .. lower coal seams, zones,,andA (Figure), are predominantly dull coals that are