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Illustrated Guide to Marleybone&#;s BossWizardForum and…

Some maps are edited to include boss not shown in game such as Smogger and Spike the Crusher. This is a work in progress so I really need Crusher Crusher Broimix M13

WizardPyromancer Guide: Spike the Crusher Part…

Spike is an optional boss in the Big Ben dungeon in Marleybone. He is summoned withPotbellys by spillingbottles of milk throughout Big

WizardBig Ben VS Spike the Crusher!YouTube

Versus Spike The Crusher In Big Ben In Wizard. To face this boss, you must spill the milk three times on different floors of Big Ben.


Crusher Crusher Broimix M13 Firstly I will concentrate on Spike the Crusher. He is an optional boss in Big Ben the final dungeon of Marleybone. He is a fire boss and has a

Crusher&#;s Deathly Robe WizardYouTube

So finally got the robes, not from the boss though but through his chest.