Situated alongside the majestic Ganges amidst the verdant environs of Chandannagar, Ganges Gurukul offers a unique experience in education. The school aims at academic excellence integrated with a firm grounding in Indian culture and tradition. When Indian education in the third millennium is veering away from the riches of an Indian cultural ethos Ganges Gurukul endeavours to rejuvenate the harmonious personal relationship between the 'guru' and the "shishya'.

In the Vedic Age of Indian History a child left the abode of his parents after the 'Upanayana Sanskar' or sacred Thread Ceremony'. Thereafter he resided in the house of his preceptor, a house that became his school. In the Gurukul System the 'shishya' implicitly obeyed his guru's commands and treated him with divine reverence. He studied the "vedas', committed it to rote by a special method and performed daily devotions. Every effort was made to keep alive the child's natural curiosity for new knowledge and learning. A close 'guru-shishya' rapport ensued and the 'shishya' learnt as much by example as by precept.
Ganges Gurukul strictly adheres to the ancient 'gurukul' system in letter and in spirit. The school prides itself in teaching through joyous participation in individual and group activities leading to the shishya's pride in accomplishment. As a preparation for life the 'shishya' develops the habit of co-operation, service, social sensitivity humility and altruism.
The school takes immense pride in upholding a tradition of excellence in education taking special care of slow learners and under achievers. It ensures that the child is not left to fend for himself, overburdened with cumbersome and non-reflective homework. At Ganges Gurukul we celebrate harmonious community living in consonance with the manners and mores of Indian culture and tradition. The aesthetic, affective and co-curricular activities of the school facilitate the all round development of the child generating social and intellectual compatibility



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